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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Evolution of the AIME tree

A contribution by Dave Kaldor
AIME Creative Consultant

To celebrate the growth that AIME has been a part of during the past 9 years, the organisation has sprouted a new logo.

A symbol of the strong roots that have been laid down, an ode to the nourishing work done by many along the way, a celebration of the thousands of students stepping up across the country, and a forecast of the massive human and societal potential yet to unfold.

Building on the bold and dynamic typography that has come to define the AIME experience, the new logo flowered from an artwork originally created by Alicia Johnson - a powerful image of a tree whose robust roots have allowed it to flourish. Alicia, a young Indigenous woman has moved from mentee to mentor to further education and beyond, and in many ways typifies Indigenous excellence and the power of mentoring.

The design process began with some soul-searching - where have we been, where are we now, where are we planning to go. Concepts were laid down - some familiar, some new. We opened the design process up to staff and board, and were flooded with great feedback from the people. There was a strong connection to the existing logo, and an overwhelming reception to use of Alicia’s Tree. The democratisation of the design process led to a realisation: we already had everything we needed, the seed had already been sown.

Alicia designed the tree for the sleeve of the 2011 Hoodie to represent a student’s growth in progressing from school to further education and opportunities. Amid the roots were the factors that led to the success: Support, trust, believe, dream, focus, achieve. The design was a huge success, and people from all walks of life were proud to bear this symbol on their arm. Since then, the tree has continued to spread its roots across the organisation’s visual language.

As a designer, sometimes the best thing you can do is to pull back. The most compelling result is often that which feels effortless and organic, as though it just sprouted there itself.

In an organisation so rich with spirit and so connected to the creativity of others, you never have to go far for inspiration. Like a flourishing tree, the AIME community is a living organism - an intricate network of relations, each individual branch and leaf leading to the strength of the overall system. I look forward to watching it grow.

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